Escape Velocity Content is a full service film, commercial, digital and awesome content production company.   
We specialize in tons of neat production and creative stuff but more importantly we love what we do.


EVContent's company mandate is to create visual content that we love while going beyond our client and viewer's visual and narrative expectations;  We find the greatest professional joy in our creative collaboration process with clients in order to create memorable content.

We also specialize in post production services including in-house and partnered editors, colorists, VFX teams, artists and animators;
As of 2019, EVContent began a special make-up effects studio division, EVFX, which gives our clients access to some of the most talented and seasoned artists.

Escape Velocity Content was founded in 2016 by Executive Producer Alec Eskander and is creatively led by director, cinematographer and editor Bryan Rowland.


In astrophysics "Es•cape Ve•loc•i•ty" describes the speed required to break free from the gravitational pull and attraction of a massive body.  For filmmakers and audiences, meaningful content can be that same escape from the current world we live in.

We become inspired so we can inspire.