Alec Eskander

Founder • Executive Producer

Alec Eskander is the founder and executive producer of Escape Velocity Content.  Alec was born in Hollywood, CA to parents Bruce & Stefanie.  He has 3 siblings; Ian, Amy & Annie.  For most of the first decade of his life, Alec lived in Rhode Island, Minnesota and upstate New York due to the career opportunities of his Toy Designer mother.  At age 9, Alec and his family moved back to Southern California (Ventura County) which he considers home.

He started a career in corporate finance but left to pursue his passion in the film industry.  Alec was the executive producer of a start-up production company for 5 years before leaving and starting Escape Velocity Content in his hometown of Moorpark, CA.


Alec is married to Alicia Marie (Olson) Eskander.  They have 2 sons, Jackson (Jack) Robert & Lincoln (Link) Thomas.  The Eskander Family also has two amazing dogs, Mortimer & Coco.


Alec's favorite film is The Empire Strikes Back (1980) which inspired him to create visual content and become a film maker.