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Bryan Rowland

Director • DP • Editor

Bryan's Work

Bryan's Work

Match Made in Hell

Next Level Reynolds

When Satan Met 2020

Meet Bryan Breynolds - #1 Xbox NPC Lawyer

Bryan Rowland grew up raised by a doctor and quickly grew to love people and all their complexities. Capturing real human moments became his dream and passion. Early in Bryan’s career he worked as a photographer as well as an editor for a few major post houses. After years of strict post work and photography, Bryan broke out into the doc world where he traveled the world with a few organizations including The Foundation for a Better Life. This allowed him to follow his passion that he garnered from a young age. His beautiful and cinematic doc work led him to become full time commercial and digital content Director/DP. 

Bryan currently lives in Heber City, UT with his wife and 3 children.

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