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Paul Barranco

Director / DP

Paul's Work

Paul's Work

Subaru - Moab (0:30)


Subaru - Paddel (0:30)

Paul Barranco was born and raised in San Diego, California, where he was surrounded by the action sports scene of surfing, snowboarding and skating his entire life.  He was handed down his 1st camera from his father who was a professional photographer at a young age.   From there, he was hooked on the craft the camera offered him, combined it with his love for action sports and enrolled in college to further his skillset.  He then received his Film and Television degree from San Diego State University and quickly migrated to Los Angeles soon afterward to pursue a career in the media arts.

After his college career Paul began working for Fuel TV and Globe Int. for numerous years where he created content and was able to further hone his niche genre of media creation in the action and outdoor space before transitioning as a freelance director / DP.

Now with almost 17 years of industry experience, Paul’s focus and passion continues to live in the action and automotive space where he has worked with such brands as Toyota, Samsung, Subaru, Eukanuba & Verizon to name a few.

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