Sands of Fate: A Star Wars Story

A Fan Film for Filmmakers and Fans to Join Forces!

DISCLAIMER: This is a not-for-profit film project to be produced by Escape Velocity Content (  Themes, characters, music, and visuals contained in this project, are the property of Lucasfilm LTD, LLC & Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company)


After the success and amazing fan love of our first Star Wars short, Birth of a Monster, we are journeying back to a “galaxy far, far away” to film a second original Star Wars story tying back to George Lucas’s original trilogy.  Similar to Birth of a Monster, our story will combine original characters, as well as familiar faces, to deliver an extremely fun and satisfying short Star Wars episode.   The story of SANDS OF FATE will tell the story of an Imperial defector who finds himself in a pit of scum and villainy, only to accept a secret assignment, which sparks new life and opportunity for his future.  Much like Birth of a Monster, the story and ending need to be kept somewhat secret because of the tie-in to the original trilogy...We want the audience to truly experience the story unfolding and excitement that comes with that. 

As was the case before, we will continue to make sure the film looks and feels like the Star Wars universe that we all love.  Practical effects, props, puppets, originally scored music, sets and locations will set the tone with our characters.  We will only use CGI and VFX to enhance where necessary to tell the story.  Being authentic and respectful to the original world that George Lucas created is of the greatest importance to us.  It is also extremely important that we focus on strong storytelling and characters that we can truly be connected to.   Finding fun, exciting and clever ways to tie back into the original trilogy has been the driving force (pun intended) behind our Star Wars short film series and we couldn't be more excited for fellow fans to join us in bringing it to life!  JOIN OUR REBELLION!!!


Our Star Wars Fan Film project is passionately led by film industry professionals that share a true love for the Star Wars Universe.  Our lead creative and director, Timothy Reed Martin, is a 20 year veteran special make-up effects artist, concept designer and sculptor.  Tim's credits include The Mandalorian, Avengers Endgame, Godzilla King of the Monsters, It, Bright, War of the Worlds, AI and many others.  Our producer, Alec Eskander, has been a line and executive producer for nearly a decade, most recently working with Ryan Reynolds & Maximum Effort creating campaigns for Aviation Gin, Detective Pikachu, Netflix's 6 Underground, Samsung and others.  We are also lucky to have one of the most legendary voice actors on our team, Steve Blum.  A few of Steve's voice credits include Cowboy Beebop, Boxtrolls, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance, The Mandalorian & Transformers Prime.  The newest member of our team is an incredible performer and actor, Chris Bartlett.  Chris has been standing in for Anthony Daniels as C-3PO for over a decade.  Most recently you saw Chris in "The Mandalorian" as mercenary droid Q9-Zero, among other characters.. Other incredible members of our team include Nick Mahar, Ian Eskander, Scott Wickman, Dan Bohman, Patrick Lundberg, Bryan Rowland and so many more... (Below is a look as some of our team's work)





































Joining our rebellion of filmmakers and storytellers makes you a part of the story told on screen.   It is not hyperbolic or even cliche to say, we CANNOT make this happen without you.  Each donation, big or small, gets us one step closer to creating a new chapter in the Star Wars universe created by fans.


Join Our Rebellion 

Help us friends! You're our only hope...


It's no small feat and we need YOU to make this happen!
We are looking to raise $100,000 to prep, film, edit and release Sands of Fate.


ALL of this budget is going to fund this as a not-for-profit fan film.  In prep/pre production, we will need funding to create the costumes, props, build the sets, design, sculpt, mold, paint and test special make-up and practical, moving FX.  We also will pay production crew to plan, schedule, storyboard and organize in order to begin production / principle photography.  Stunts will also require additional preparation and rehearsals.  In production, we will need funding for the film crew, actors, stunts, locations, permits, travel, equipment rentals such as cameras, lenses, lighting, support and production needs, etc.  Special make-up applications alone will require additional onset needs.  In post production, we will need funding for editing, sound design, minor VFX/CGI work, color grading and correcting, as well as one of the most important elements, scoring / composing the original music for the short.  What is so helpful as veteran film professionals is that we have the resources and relationships to obtain everything needed for far less than someone new or less experienced in our field.  $100,000 will get us far more and allow us to create a short film that looks like $1,000,000.








































Getting YOU involved obviously allows us to make this film come to life with funding but our project allows for a completely unique and exciting way of joining you with our team through the perks.  We cannot stress enough that this project is to create a film that brings Star Wars fans together.  The way we do this is not only the final film that forever lives on but the way in which you, as a donor, have an actual piece of the project.   Our perks include actual costumes, props and custom pieces that are unique, extremely limited and in many cases one of a kind.  We blend that with donors being able to join our team; From being a member of the crew, being an extra all the way to being a producer.  For the donors who get a call with the director (Tim Martin) and producer (Alec Eskander), they can even make suggestions that are not listed on the perk itself in order to find a way to further your involvement in the project.  We truly and deeply want all donors to feel like they are part of making a Star Wars film...and definitely one that they will forever be proud of.  


If we don't make our goal, the film WILL still be made.  The challenge of course becomes ensuring we aren't sacrificing the quality of the work while also ensuring all involved in creating it have the proper and necessary tools to do so.  One of the most important things to us is making sure our crew, the lifeblood of every film production, is paid fair rates for their labor.  On Birth of a Monster, all of us worked for free because of the love of Star Wars...It was the truest form of a "Passion Project."  And while that passion will carry over, we don't plan to have any crew working for free on Sands of Fate.  Further, we would like to hire additional crew that we didn't have on Birth of a Monster.  The closer we get to our $100,000 goal (and maybe beyond), we eliminate the need for cutting corners or sacrificing the creative.      


Risks & Challenges

There is no doubt, film production has its fair share of risks and challenges.  This is a field of work that can literally be halted because of bad weather or someone not showing up to set.  Some risks and challenges in film just cannot be avoided however most can be.  The most important thing is prepare and build a team of experienced, qualified and positive humans working together with one common goal.  We have created that.    We are able to avoid major risks and challenges because of our experience in the film industry; Having worked through the craziness and madness that is film production throughout our careers . Aside from the pure excitement and joy that comes from making a Star Wars fan film, our team has built its career with talent, creativity and long hours...As donors and backers of this project you can have every bit of confidence in our ability to see this through and make you all proud to be a part of it.



Let's GO!!! ...Back to a galaxy far, far away...Together!

We couldn't be more excited for you to join our rebellion and continue our fan-filmmaking journey to the Star Wars Universe.  Please donate and share our campaign with all your friends and family members.


May the force be with you...

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